Fri Software Days 2016



Theses three days will be organised as follow:

Events on Saturday are designed specifically with the general public and schools in mind. The programme will include information sessions on ITC education and training opportunities, as well as a series of workshops.

A hackathon will be held on saturday and sunday. It will aim to design an application oriented on social integration.

Events on Monday will be targeted specifically at professionals (users, developers, security specialists and administrators) and members of the Linux community.

On Monday evening, Richard Stallman will give a talk.

The organisers also plan to provide exhibition stands (and rooms) for companies from the IT sector, who will have the opportunity of hosting business events during the midday break or a drinks reception during the evening break.



General public & hackathon, 09h00 - 17h00


Download summarized programme for Saturday (PDF) / Download the complete program, with descriptions of the events (PDF)

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General public day & hackathon, 09h00 - 17h00


09:00 - Wolfram Luithardt: Software Complexity Metrics - A new empirical approach applied to the Linux kernel

09:50 - Cyril Jaquier: Fail2ban - from personal to community-driven

11:00 - Sergio Alves Domingues: Android Security

13:00 - Stéphane Magnenat: Open-source in academic research, the case of the Thymio robot

13:50 - Daniel Rossier: EmbX: Virtualization tailored to ARM embedded systems

15:00 - Michael Kohler: Firefox OS and Connected Devices

15:50 - Pascal Junod: Software application security

17:00 - Frederic Jacobs: (Open Source) Software Supply Chain Security

18:00 - Richard Stallman: The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System - Free Admission




The complete programme is available here.

Download the complete program, with descriptions of the events (PDF).